A Little About Us

A Little About Us

Girish Khare

The founder of Avakali grew up in the heart of the maximum city. He went on to set up a very successful business, with international presence. This without much funding. Having achieved his objectives, he now believes it’s time to pay back. 

His new goal is to promote organic farming. Among the farming communities as well as the education of consumers on the benefits of organic fruits. Having witnessed the indiscriminate application of harmful chemicals and pesticides in cultivating strawberries by farms across the Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani belt, it was the best place to start. And so he has set up his own farms on the slopes of Avakali village, for strawberries grown without chemicals & pesticides. He constantly encourages the village farmers to follow suit. Farmers are reticent about going the organic way because of the high costs of organic cultivation. As a result Avakali farms buys chemical free grown strawberries from the villagers at a better price than what they get from Mandis.

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