A Proud Moment

A Proud Moment

Girish Khare

To keep the freshness of the produce intact the supply chain has been cut. The distance between farm and table gets closer than ever before. The pick of the day is dispatched to Mumbai the following morning and is distributed to consumers the same day or at the most the following day. Thus Avakali fruits except mangoes and other produce from international farms reach your table between 24 and 48 hours of being picked.

Every farm supplying chemical free grown fruits to Avakali must pass the stringent lab test for purity conforming to globally accepted standards for chemical free grown produce.
Our hope is that the experiment snowballs to include all talukas across the country. Farmers yield better returns, live healthier, have more fertile land, help consumers have healthier, fresher food.
Expect more fruits and other produce to be introduced under the Avakali chemical free produced label!

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