Dear Citizen

Dear Citizen

Jigna Thakkar

Dear Citizen,

 Let me introduce Avakali, it is proudly founded on 3 main principles of fair living.

  1. Fair Deal for the farmers
  2. Healthy eating options for families
  3. A chance for us to rejuvenate our earth.

Working towards our goal of fair living, Avakali is actively encouraging farmers to grow all their produce organically. To this end, we have financed some farms on the Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani belt. Going organic is a gradual process and so we have appointed Mr. Nilesh Lele, to assist and mentor the farmers till they get organic certification. Nilesh is Director of Sawarde Valley Food Foundation whose single objective is to “Double farmer’s income by 2020”.

As a result of this process, no chemical fertilizers or harmful pesticides are used in preparing the soil and while sowing, growing, harvesting and storage of the produce. Eventually, the farmer will get better value for his produce and the farmland will return to its healthy state again. Hence, all our products like, fruits, fruit bowls, preserves, and cold press juices are chemical-free, making it safe and healthy for families to happily consume all day every day.

We’ve worked our best to change the myth that ‘if it’s healthy, it’s boring’. No Sir! Our Menu of Freshness offers a variety of options that are yummy in all its natural and healthy goodness. You must try it to believe it!

Our dreams are big and the aims are high so we will need all the support we can get. Join Us! in the movement to make a difference. What you can do to help this truly worthy movement?

Visit Us: Bungalow 3, Jankidevi School Road, Mhada, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 53.

Order Online:

Order on Call/WhatsApp: +91 8657422108 / +91 9619430448

We look forward to hearing from you!


Thank You,

Avakali Team.

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