Importance Of Knowing What We Buy

Importance Of Knowing What We Buy

Girish Khare
Ignorance is bliss they say. But that could well and truly be a foolhardy myth, bordering on the dangerous. Especially if it involves purchasing 'fresh' fruit for children or any member of the family for that matter.

Street vendors do their best to make their wares attractive and inviting; and who can blame them, after all it's about eking out a living, a meager one at that. All the bargaining makes such a deal more attractive for the buyer especially a home keeper- getting a good deal, the best price for decent fruit. Happy with the bargain the buyer feels, good looking fruit must be tasting good as well..but before actually paying, they threaten the vendor with dire consequences if anything is wrong with the fruit... and of course he swears blind... 'kasam se'...(in any of our local dialects it's the same meaning - I swear its good !)

The local trusted bhaiya is not an expert in fruits quality, even though one assumes he must be a farmer or from a farming family ... he must be knowing where the produce comes from, how it is stored and how it ripens ... he's a good person who wouldn't deceive, or so one believes. The truth of this is that the buyer is naive. But consider these realities:

Though there is much talk about the subject of food safety, it is disappointing to know that the implementation of these good measures still have a long way to go. There have been many cases filed in that regard. The awakening has been taking place for the last 10 years or so. Several pleas had been filed in the Courts seeking an immediate ban on the sale of fruits and vegetables which contained artificial colour and harmful preservatives. And in some cases other petitions that relate to pesticides in fruits and vegetables are ongoing matters in the courts and FSSAI consciousness. 

It is therefore imperative for home buyers especially, to not get carried away by all the promises of their regular fruit seller. Check the purchase carefully, importantly know how to wash and clean / cut before serving to your family, especially the little one. Seasonal fresh fruits are good and nutritious and a must for the family. but care must be taken in selecting, cleaning and servicing. 

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