We Want You To Meet Someone

We Want You To Meet Someone

Jigna Thakkar
We’ve been cooking him up for a while now and we can’t wait to share him with you.
He is Healthy, He is Yummy but best of all He is a Hoot!

1st of all Nutree Buddy is made up of fresh cold-pressed juices from our farm fresh, chemical-free Avakali fruits. It’s a belief that cold-pressed juices are the healthiest since they are exposed to minimal heat and air, so they tend to hold onto most of the nutritional values of the whole fruit.

2nd of all Nutree Buddy likes to stay in trend so he’s always made from the tastiest fruits in season every season and we assure you that he is D..E..Licious all time, every time.

Last but not least, Nutree Buddy likes to have fun. There is never a dull moment with him. He can be your pal when you’re sad or happy, excited or angry, indoors or outdoors, driving or riding a train he’ll be there for you.

So, brace yourself and expect your life to change forever coz Nutree Buddy is coming to you S.O.O.O…N!

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